The  Martian  Frontier

A Book of Discovery
                   Tracking Down Life On Mars

This book catalogs an encyclopedic collection of discoveries found in Mars images that reveal familiar, well identified objects. Things that belong to a life sustaining planet.  As well as stunning objects that are unlike anything we have ever seen before

Mars, when viewed in untouched, non-tampered-with photography has just about everything Earth has from a physical standpoint.  It has a an airy earth-like firmament where sunlight filters through a translucent atmosphere producing a normal color spectrum and a blue sky...not a red sky!  

The real Mars has vast blue water marked regions stemming from the polar caps that look remarkably like shallow seas. Green colors dust the planet on a global scale. Even from a distance in space, just a glimpse of the planet is like a beacon of safe haven for the space weary traveler.  A reassuring sight for anyone who needs to make an emergency landing. We don't get that same hopeful "Class M Planet" impression from the appearance of our traditional red, stripped down, dirt clod looking Mars sphere.  

In addition to the vast blue regions and seasonal greenery that are thoroughly censored out of the photos, there are fresh water lakes and river valleys that have trees...trees!  Water and vegetation were photographed by the Mariner missions during the 1960's.  And yet, we are told that not a single microbe has ever been detected on Mars.  Images of the normal, colorful, real life looking Mars are not given to us to view.  The rest of the planets are shown as they really are, but not Mars.  Instead, we are systematically presented artist renditions... i.e., cartoons!

Mars photos, when magnified and closely scrutinized, reveals a world filled with Earth related artifacts and truly amazing non earth like objects that escaped censoring.  There is plenty of evidence to piece together the Mars puzzle.  Mars tells its own story and it is far more interesting than NASA's version.  

Satellite photos show there to be large scale silo sized spheres mounted upon highly technological platforms or lined up like a string of pearls, near water sources.  There's a palace or cathedral type building as beautiful as Earth's finest perched high upon a cliff overlooking a scenic waterfall. Town sized illuminated glass tube structures discovered years ago, but never a topic of public discussion, connect along a meandering stream trailing down from an ice crater.  Ground photos show modern architecture and complicated machinery on an incredibly small scale. 

Most exciting are the humans.  Yes, I said humans.  Two distinct types of humans are sighted living inside primitive shelters on the rocky plains.  But there's also a third type of human who is just like us, as implied by the existence of the magnificent buildings made in the exact same way we build them.  Including, huge structures of the likes that we have never seen before. Laugh if you must, but it will all be made known as common knowledge one day.  Unlike the erroneous "common knowledge" that Mars has a red sky, of which has been thoroughly instilled into our collective psyche.  

There are animals too, most prolific. Mostly shell bearing creatures like those born in shallow coastal waters. Some look exactly like Earth animals and some are unique only to Mars. Many of them would probably thrive on Earth if they were to be transplanted  here. There is one turtle type of creature that is made into a life size art form.  There are art forms of every design found in abundance.  Mars is home to things that are both familiar and unimaginable. 

You will be thrilled to learn that Mars is a treasure trove of miniature marvels and colossal wonders.  That is precisely why Mars photographs are systematically censored! Despite the pervasive image sanitation effects enough photographic evidence exists that proves - beyond a shadow of doubt - that Mars is rife with life.

As the probe flies, Mars is just a short six months away! It only stands to reason that there should be life there.  
And, there is life there! I've found what we've been looking for, so get geared up! Let's go blaze some Martian trails!


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